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 *starts a blog *throws up peace signs

This is a lengthy read but to summarize, it took me a while to ~veganize~ my life and if this is something you’re in the process of doing, want to do, are dabbling in, or if you are here for some other reason (srsly, why?) then READ ON

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I first made the decision to transition toward a plant based diet in December of 2016. I had been vegetarian for many years but wanted to do something more and thus, little vegan me was born.

I started off slow but strict, cutting dairy and all animal byproducts out of my food. I then began to alter my shopping habits to fit my new lifestyle. I am a HUGE shoe lover so this was both good and bad for me. Good, in the sense that I could no longer buy boots at an alarming pace and bad, because I could no longer even find faux leather boots that I wanted to buy at an alarming pace. For those of you in the same boat, you know the struggle to find vegan footwear that is both lasting and not fugly is freakin real.

It was now so much harder to find products that fit my sense of style and my code of ethics so I turned to the internet as in store products were usually a no-go. I loaded up my pinterest boards with potential purchases but in general, slowed down my shopping which was both environmentally and fiscally a really good thing. I found myself wearing certain items more and widdling down my wardrobe into what some would call a minimalist style (or just boring, IDK?).

When I decided to go vegan I did not throw out all of my leather goods. This might be something that some take issue with, and I understand that because I myself was torn. From an ethical perspective I no longer really wanted to wear them but given that I was a broke college student there was no way I could toss out practically all of my footwear and bags. And furthermore, if I were to throw out these items, wouldn’t that be some sort of tragic waste? The animal had already died and now these items would just sit in a landfill.  plus they were pretty…. If I were to donate these goods, someone else would just be wearing them while I myself still couldn’t really afford to replace them or even find items I wanted to replace them with. Quite the conundrum (not really in the grand scheme of things, but still).

Anyway, slowly but surely this widdling down continued. I gave my lesser loved leather items to friends I knew would get wear out of them and wore the remainders down to their last legs. I was still wearing leather but I was not buying it. Now, almost two years later I believe I am down to one pair of boots that have a suede lining (bleh), and two beautiful designer bags that I don’t really carry but cant bring myself to sell or donate yet (and maybe this blog will push me to do just that). Progress!

I have filled my closet with sturdy and friggin amazing faux leather styles and am honestly pretty happy with my current collection. That being said, this took me almost two years. I am not a #vegangod and I hung onto things maybe a little too long but slowly but surely I made (and am still making) the transition. Like I said, ~progress~.

Same goes for makeup, beauty and grooming products. Honestly, it didn’t dawn on me immediately that this was another aspect of my life that had to change if I wanted to call myself veeeegaaaan. (People would probably still argue I’m not due to the aforementioned boots and bags but I’m trying so suck it, h8ers). Same process pretty much followed for these items as well. I used up my makeup items one by one and replaced them with cruelty free versions. This was way easier than the clothing swap because so many brands are already cruelty free (Save tha bunnies). Shampoo, conditioner and other body care items were equally easy and only required a brief google search. Skincare products was where I ran into a little trouble because my skin is oily and gross : ) and therefore kinda high maintenance but through trial and error I found a regimen that works even better than its non-vegan predecessor. Overall, not difficult but could have all occurred a little faster and gone a little smoother if I had some sort of guide to follow. I utilized the internet, that is for sure but there was no one stop shop for vegan lifestyles that seemed to align with mine. That is, kinda bougie, kinda broke and also pretty lazy.

SO, that finally leads us to the creation of this blog. I am not entirely sure what it will entail but I can promise a few things… boots, bags, belts, beauty products, hopefully some recipes and #foodporn (if I can somehow figure out how to take blog worthy photos) AND a whole lot of self deprecating humor. Also, maybe some lifestyle shizz, decor and other cheap thrills thrown in for the not so vegan folk (again, why r u here?) (but also please stay…) ❤

So if you wish, follow along!


Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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