Snack Time


Easy vegan ~healthy~ snack time

I really like rice cakes but I honestly like toppings about 100 times more so I’d like to say that I used to just settle for one rice cake to be callorically conscious or whatever but really I’d have like 3 then be way too full and pretty unhappy with myself : )

but then I discovered these puppies ⇓


and my world was forever changed because YOU CAN EAT 4 FOR ONLY 100 CALORIES!

honestly I don’t count calories but I am still aware that the calories in 4 normal rice cakes would constitute a lot more than a healthy snack should

also they have quinoa (health) and are vegan (health) and you can have a million at once and therefore be versatile and picky with your toppings. WINNING

I topped mine with peanut butter, bananas, chia seeds (just keeps getting healthier wow), and some dried coconut. I would have added cinnamon but I couldn’t find it within 30 seconds and I am just that lazy.

You can obviously make these sweet or savory (low cal avo toast) or even make multiple different varieties at once if you can’t decide and that, my friends, is pretty amazing.


 also peep those photography skills ^ (they’re really not that great but there’s a learning curve here)

 This is obviously not sponsored because I have about 0 followers but here’s a link to these babies anyway! ⇓

NOT SO PRO BONUS TIP: I got these jars from IKEA for I think $1-2 (I was there for no reason I just really love IKEA and would argue its better than Disneyland and if you don’t agree I’m fully prepared to fight you) and they are actually amazing for storing dried goods like chia/ hemp seeds, coconut, granola, etc. I personally really hate having to reseal bags or worry about things going stale and this alleviates this issue and they’re pretty professional looking. cool!


that’s all. follow me plz. ❤

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