First Favorites Post!

photo of two teal and pink leather crossbody bags

As is apparent, I am very new at this – but – one of my main goals in starting this blog was to give ease of access to awesome vegan products so here I am with my first “favorites” post. I’m sure these will evolve overtime and hopefully become a little more organized, user friendly and more visually appealing (fingeys crossed) but as of now, these are some vegan/earth/human friendly products that I’ve been using and loving this month!

Also, I am crying at the quality of these photos… copyrights suck and product photography is hard so bear with me…plz

*Items are numbered from left to right with links and descriptions below!
1.  Overnight Peel  ( ⇐ click for product page)

I have freckles that I do not exactly love. This peel is amazing for fading acne scares, FRECKLES, dark spots or just general exfoliation. It is pretty strong so if you have sensitive skin maybe try a test spot or limit to once a week but overall, 10/10. See results quickly, affordable and vegan and cruelty free.

2. Faux Leather Saddle Bag

It’s cute, it’s cheap and most importantly it reminds me of a Chloe bag. (@chloe plz make vegan bags)

3. Zoya White Polish

I love white nail polish- this one is vegan & cruelty free and it doesn’t require a million coats!! Plus as far as high end nail polishes go, it’s pretty cheap as well! You go Glen Coco

4. White Bucket Bag

Again, cute/ cheap/ not made out of dead things but it’s kinda trendy cuz its white right?! EdGy FaSHuN GUrL right here.  (actual bag sold out…probs cuz I’m a huge trendsetter and all of my 3 followers bought out the whole inventory right? struggles. but anyway, this one is super similar so I linked it, ur welcome.)

5. ~Healthy~ Deodorant

No bad stuff! Smells good! Honestly, it’s not as good as the generic drugstore brands which sadly are not cruelty free BUT of all the natural brands I’ve tried (I’ve tried a lot) I can say this one is by far the most effective.

Side note, I’m kinda gross and sweat a lot when I work out ; ) so if you’re a normal human and not an ogress I’m pretty sure you’re going to love this stuff and think it works just great.

6. Naked Skin Concealer

Quite simply, I love this stuff. Creamy, blendable and lasts all day long (even on my oily skin). I use a lighter shade “light” for my under eyes and a slightly darker shade for any blemishes “med-light.” Cruelty free which we love AND you can buy mini’s in the Sephora end of aisle section (death trap) if your skin tone changes based on season or you want multiple shades to ~contour~

7. Witch Hazel & Rose Toner

Got mine at whole foods so it has a snazzy spray top but you can find it on amazon as well. I went with rose because it smells like heaven and because if I’m going to douse my entire face in it every night it better smell like freaking heaven. Cruelty free, no parabens/ phthalates, natural and mostly organic ingredients, YAY

8. Orly Top/ Base Coat

More cruelty free nail polish! This one is actually good compared to the billions of others I’ve tried that are overpriced and chip in like a day : )

9. Vegan Leather Booties

Just so cute. I have worn them a lot more than I’d like to admit. If you know me you’re probably thinking “wow yeah she does wear those a lot,” yes now multiply that by 2 because I am lazy and therefore an outfit repeater so I’m probably still wearing what you last saw me in.

More favorites not pictured!

Flatform Wedge

I have these and I love them but I have worn them so much that they are kinda dirty and therefore I didn’t even attempt to photograph them but SO COMFY SO CUTE SO NOT MADE OF LEATHER YAS KWEEN

10. Charcoal Pills

I am 23. For most people that would imply that I am fun and go for “nights on the town” (???). Really I honestly spend most nights reading or as it stands now, attempting to write blog posts : )) BUT on the rare occasion I go out and drink items of questionable integrity these honestly really help. I am not one to believe in a magical hangover cure however, charcoal is extremely absorbent (fun fact: it’s actually what’s used when someone gets their stomach pumped) and therefore I will put some merit behind the idea that it will soak up some of the alcohol and toxins I have so delightfully imbibed.

Or if you just wanna be healthy and soak up normal non-alcoholic toxins these would be great too!

p.s. Something I didn’t know when I first went vegan was that pills and supplements can very easily contain animal byproducts. Sometimes this is in the form of additives or coloring but most often it is found in the gel capsules surrounding the pills contents. These are 100% vegan as are many other brands but it’s usually not clearly specified so if you’re interested in vegan pills and supplements check the labels and or research beforehand!

Thanks for reading!! Let me know if you’ve tried any of the above products or if you have any products you’d recommend! ❤

*a note on fast fashion- I will hopefully touch on this more in depth in a future post. By including these two purses (I’m excluding the shoes because those are higher end and therefore supposed to be longer lasting) I know that does not quite fall into the “ethical” category for some people. I bought these items to replace leather items I removed from my wardrobe. To me, when I bought them I was thinking of the animals because when it all began I was indeed #veganfortheanimals but now as my viewpoints on things are expanding (environmentalism is now a huge factor behind my lifetsyle) and my opinions are becoming more informed I am trying to be a more conscious consumer and that means sourcing quality and ethical products in more than just one sense of the word. This is not a cop out but more of an explanation- I am 23, I do not have a ton of money, I still want to look good and enjoy fashion trends (petty, I know, I’m working on it) so I am doing what I can in this period of my life and trying to balance my wants vs. my needs and where my ethics on all these things stand. Buying truly “ethical” products is a MISSION. It is one that can be done and I applaud those who do, seriously. But for me, I will repeat, I’m doing what I can or, more honestly, what I am willing right now. That is selfish, trust me, I know but life is all about progress and that’s what I’m trying to stress with this absurdly long side note. I am aiming to show the average consumer who likely buys leather, silk, wool, etc. as well as fast fashion products that they can at least cut down on the animal side if they so desire. Long explanation I’m sorry, I definitely feel like this little rant here is more to myself than anyone else which is probably a good thing and indicates that some (difficult and probs expensive) changes are cooooming. ❤

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