Amazon Favorites (food edition)


soooooo good

If you have read my blog posts you will see the word lazy quite a bit. As a lazy person I do not love getting out of bed to go to the grocery store. Especially when there are actual real live humans there that I may have to interact with and or speak to. As such, anything I can buy online is a major win for me. Plus, online prices are often times cheaper than in store buys. Enter Amazon and my first amazon favorites list. This one is  animal/earth/ people friendly foods that I love and I’m pretty sure you’ll love too.

I eat all of these on the reg because I am kinda like a cow ( or maybe a yak? water buffalo? …sloth?) in the fact that I prefer snacking all day to eating actual meals : ) and therefore I can personally vouch for their deliciousness. YAY FOOD. Also, I realized these are mostly junk food… I sweat that’s not all I eat but then again, you can’t really buy produce online (actually you can it’s 2018, who am I kidding) so here’s the list anyway!

Check them out for some ~inspo~ for your next order or (gasp) your next trip the grocery store.

If there are only a few things you try from this list I would recommend the unreal quinoa bites, the sriracha lentil chips and the just brand condiments as they are the best vegan dressings I’ve ever had! and of course the coconut banana bites pictured above : ) Ok that’s like half but I really like all of them so it’s hard to pick. Sue me.

*Not sponsored because I have like 10 followers (love you all, srsly) just stuff I eat and looveeee


Click on any of the images below for links! Scroll Down for product descriptions!


From left to right…

1. Buckwheat Pancake Mix

I love this stuff because fast, easy and healthy pancakes. They’re organic, whole grain and gluten free! because they’re not actually made of wheat because (prepare for some midblowing knowledge) (are you ready?) (hope so)  buckwheat. is. actually. a. seed. Riveting content, I know.

2. Vegan Parmesan

Parmesan. That’s vegan. Not really a ~clean~ food but still made of plants so that’s a win. I would not use this liberally enough to make a lasagna with it but as a topping on a pasta or as a finishing sprinkle on a pizza it is pretty good.

3. Sriracha Lentil Chips

If the name alone doesn’t make you already want to buy them you’re probably insane : ) No but really, these are quite possibly sent from heaven. I dip them in kite hill (the actual greatest food on the planet) and the combo is almost too good to handle. They have a decent amount of protein which is really rare for a chip (3g per serving which realy means like 9g because who actually only eats one serving of chips), they’re baked not fried and just in general far superior to any other chip. period.

4. Choco Hazelnut Spread

Like nutella but full of way better ingredients and organic. and vegan. Big fat yes from me. Plus I honestly like this way more than nutella and think it’s richer but there’s a lot of people who might kill me for that statement so who knows (maybe try it and let me know).

5. Chocolate Quinoa Bites

Basically like a crunch bar and and m&m got married and produced healthier, cleaner and vegan children.

6. Quinoa Rice Crisps

I talked about these in a past post (Snack Time) but I love these. Cleaner and more low cal than regular rice cakes which for me means I can play around with flavors and have one savory and one sweet rather than being tied to just one cake. Win, win really.

7. The Best Trail Mix in The World

Maaaybeee an exageration but also honestly maybe not. I actually linked the goji above because when I looked for an image I couldn’t find the antioxidant mix which is the one I linked here. I love both and actually mixed them in a big container after my last purchase but if I had to choose one it would be the antioxidant mix because it has chocolate. All natural and honestly just a perfect ratio of nuts, berries and chocolate.

*I also see this brand a lot at TJ maxx and Marshall’s (I go more than I’d like to admit) but it’s usually a dollar cheaper so if you see it there, definitely pick it up!

8. Dark Chocolate Coconut Banana Bites

Organic and no additives! Just dark chocolate, delicious coconut and delicious banana. Essentially a dessert that you can call a healthy snack. Hell yeah.

9. Square Bars

Square bars, wow how original. I honestly love these though and I’m sure you’ve had them but including them in the list because often times they are super cheap on amazon and I’m broke so maybe you are too! Love that for us.

10.  “Just” Salad Dressings

My absolute favorite dairy free dressing. Hands down. Their caeser has even been approved by my extremely non- vegan sister so that definitely counts for something. Their ranch is good too.

11. Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter

Not the healthiest but also it’s peanut butter so it could be way worse. This is seriously amazing. Best pb I’ve ever had I could 100p eat a whole jar in one sitting. Just yes.

12. Peanut Butter Cups

More candy! Again, cleaner and vegan-er than a Reese’s. Also really overpriced at whole foods so amazon for the win.

13. Sriracha Mayo

Same brand as the ranch and the caeser but now it’s mayo! Dairy free, vegan and a tiny bit spicy. yay.

14. Coconut Milk Caramels

When I went vegan I kinda resigned myself to never having caramel again and I was ok with that. But then I discovered these. They taste like caramel but only 5 ingredients that are all identifiable. PLUS, you can eat 6 for 120 calories.

Note *Realizing now that this post kinda makes it seem like I count calories, I do not (not that there’s anything wrong with that, if you like it, do you) but I think that’s just a byproduct of having the nutritional info in front of me and also the fact that most of these products being junk foods and therefore I’m being more conscious of how much of them I’m consuming. You probably didn’t notice or didn’t care but here I am explaining anyway : )

If you read through all of these, you’re probably a little hungry and also, I love you. If you try anything listed, let me know your thoughts! And equally/ maybe more importantly, let me know of some vegan junk food products you like!!


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