~Plant Based~ Whole Foods Picks


In all honesty, I hate the act of grocery shopping because I have to interact with people… but I do love the wonderful mecca that is whole foods and all the amazing vegan goodies that it contains. When I go I always stock up on a few of my favorite items and usually pick up some new stuff to try (if they’re decently priced). This week I did just that and I thought I’d share in case anyone is looking for some new snacks or some plain old food inspo.

* I usually get veggies as well / whatever fruits are in season as well as some frozen berries, bread, etc. but that’s not super interesting sooooo I’m not gonna talk about it


  • Kite Hill Cream Cheese– either jalapeño or chive flavor
    • I use this on bagels (duh), as a dip with crackers or carrots, in sandwiches, on pizza,  in wraps / quesadillas, pretty much with everything- I would probably eat it with a spoon if that was socially acceptable

* the jalapeño flavor is actually pretty spicy so if you’re not into spicy I’d go with     chive or plain

Fun Stuff:

  • No Evil “Chicken”
    • This stuff is so cool!!! It’s pretty good, has SO much protein (21g !!!) and they’re all about plant based food and sustainability

ALSO, check out this packaging ⇓⇓⇓ Obsessed.

  • Nada Moo Ice cream
  • So Delicious Cashew Milk- bananas foster flavor
    • Honestly I’m just gonna do a whole vegan ice cream post but if you’re in the market immediately, go with the Nada Moo. This one was good but there is just no comparison.
  • Almond Milk Pudding
    • non dairy pudding. really good. Realizing this list is super unhealthy but we’re rolling with it.
  • Beyond Meat Burger Patties
    • I buy these occasionally when I know my fam is gonna cook burgers. They’re no impossible burger but honestly, they’re a good close second!
  • Raised Gluten Free Pies
    • Confession, I didn’t buy one this time. Alert the media I’m a big fat fraud. Jk. But really I’ve bought these on multiple occasions and they contain no gluten (duh) and no animal products and are soooooo good. Which is the reason I just stared at them and didn’t buy one because I knew I’d eat it all in one sitting. But if you have a celebration coming up or just want to eat a pie (proud of you) definitely definitely buy one. My fav is the strawberry rhubarb.

Here’s a pic I took when I was deciding if I should buy one and eat the whole thing and feel sick : ) Enjoy.

oh my god I need them all

Big Fat Mistakes : ) ) )

  • Thin Mint Chickpea Snacks
    • I saw these and I was super tempted because girl scouts, thin mints, chickpeas! SO BAD DO NOT BUY. I had such high hopes *sheds a single tear
  • Little Secrets PB candies
    • Ooooops. I bought these because no animal products but I googled and their sugar isn’t vegan : ( but I guess they’re still healthier than an m&m. Personally will not be buying them again because of the sugar debacle but for what it’s worth, they were good. Yay mistakes. But like I said, I’m not perfect and I’m still learning.

*little tidbit- for those who may be confused by the sugar isn’t vegan comment, white sugar is often filtered using bone char which = non vegan. Thought I would include this little note for anyone that didn’t know, thought I was crazy, or both : )

*** another tidbit! I love vegan foods and the vegan lifestyle- it works for me and it makes me feel good physically and emotionally BUT I totally get that maybe it’s not for everyone right now and that it’s a big commitment. (actually, I was at work the other day and there was a little note scribbled on the bathroom wall that said “veganism is a privilege” and this is something I totally agree with and absolutely recognize- it’s a huge life change that is really really difficult for people in certain economic states or geographic locations. Got me thinking! Still love it and recommend it though : ) ).  So I hope that this list inspires you to maybe try out some vegan products and make little switches that are super doable! Plant based foods are delicious and easy if you know where to find them/ what to buy. SO in the interest of not coming off preachy I wanted to lay that all out and ultimately just thank you for reading !

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